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Comprehensive Site Plan

The Mt. Rainier Lodge and Conference Center

The Mt. Rainier Lodge at Park Junction will be a 270 room hotel with food and beverage outlets, two indoor and four outdoor championship tennis courts, heated swimming pool, a spa and fitness center, and spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, and surrounding hills.  The lodge will accommodate single users or groups of up to 500.

The Mt. Rainier Resort Conference Center will consist of  22,000 square feet of high tech conference space. Because of the seasonal nature of the area, conferencing will serve to extend the season and augment the usage of the lodge.  The Conference Center will also inject life into the surrounding community during off season months.


The Mt. Rainier Golf Course at Park Junction will be an 18-hole championship course that meanders through the property’s fields, lakes, and hills with views of Mt. Rainier and the surrounding hills and valleys.

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Resort Residences

Resort Residences will be located on and around the golf course, consisting of 220 condominium units, 30 cottages, and 75 single-family homes. The single-family homes will be located at the northwest section of the property, nestled in the hills and bordering the golf course. Situated in the center of the project will be condominiums bordering the golf course, and the cottages will be located close to the lodge.  All of the residential units will be for sale, however, any owner who wishes to place his unit in a rental pool may do so under management by the lodge operator.

Upper Nisqually Interpretive Center

The Upper Nisqually Interpretive Center will feature the story of the forest products industry including the life cycle of forests and the history of logging.  Additionally, it will display steam engines and rail cars depicting their use in logging and transportation.  The center will also include the history of the Nisqually region, the story of Mt. Rainier National Park and the Mountain itself.

Train Station

Shadow Mountain Center

The Shadow Mountain Center will have for lease to retail and tourist shops 20,000 to 30,000 square feet.  Tenants are likely to include a convenience store, sports and apparel shops, bakery, ice cream shop, gift shops and art galleries.

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